RBJ Science

Ion Channels

Ion channels are tiny active proteins found in all animal cells.  They are particularly exciting, because they control all nerve impulses and the sensing of most things that the body can sense like temperature, light, pain, touch, sound etc!


Because ion channels are so important for... well everything (biological) small defects in ion channels lead to many diseases.  These diseases are called channelopathies.  We are investigating ion channels in several different systems: Muscle, cartilage, the cardiovascular system and in neurones.


Even diseases which do not result from ion channel defects can frequently be treated by drugs which activate or inhibit ion channels.  Such diseases include heart disease, pain, diabetes and many more.  Over time, we will be adding details of these to this site.

The Future

In all our work, we seek to boldly go where no drug has gone before and find novel drug/ion interactions which can be used to treat disease.